Lunch in Dartmouth

This morning I went on an easy 40-ish minute run. I did some lunges the other day, and I could definitely feel it today when I was running! This is actually good because I think maybe my lunge form is improving. Regardless, I have a date with my foam roller tonight! FYI, I usually go by miles when I run, but I left part of my Garmin charger in Florida…it’s being mailed to me soon, though!

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to visit my grandparents this weekend. My aunt and uncle were in town from Oregon, and my other aunt and her family drove over to visit, too. This afternoon we all went out to lunch at a nearby seafood restaurant. Even though my grandparents have lived in the same town since I was born, I had never been to the restaurant!

Unfortunately, I was super bummed to discover they did not have a single vegetarian item on the menu, aside from a garden salad. Umm, yeah..not substantial! I was kind of annoyed, because feel like vegetarianism is pretty widely acknowledged by most, and restaurants usually will have at least one or two options. I ended up making due with a baked potato and some extra snacking later in the afternoon.

It was great to be able to spend some time with so many of my family members this weekend! I love having some of them close by since “home” is a wee bit far away.

Tonight I have just been hanging out at my apartment. I did some job browsing/applying (currently looking for a research assistant position), and then I watched Desperate Housewives. I know the show has become totally ridiculous the past couple of seasons, but I can’t stop watching…final season!!

See ya tomorrow!

Day 4 – Bedside:


2 thoughts on “Lunch in Dartmouth

  1. Can’t believe that no one ever dragged you to Davy Jones Locker!!!….a New Bedford institution…..well as you can see….you haven’t missed anything… :-)_

    Love you!!

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