Kid Quotes #1

Hello all! Another beautiful day in Boston! Hopefully the weather is just as nice wherever you are.

Tonight I went to another hill work out with my TNT group. It was at the same location as last week. The workout was the same, too, except for the addition of one additional hill repeat (full length). It was a good one! I have a feeling I will be sore tomorrow.

As you may know from my “About” page, I work in an elementary school and babysit a few days a week after school. At school, I am primarily an aide to one student, but I also help out in his 4th grade classroom whenever he is working independently. Anyway, as you can imagine I witness my fair share of funny conversations.

I love learning about how children think…child psychology was one of my favorite courses! I think the following conversations demonstrate how differently thoughts are processed when you’re young. Hopefully you get a kick out of them!

(All children’s names have been changed)

Exhibit A:

Tom: Did you know you can burn calories by fidgeting?

Josh: Oh that’s cool, I guess

this convo overheard by 2 other boys…

Rob (student I am an aide to): Hey, Drake, do you like to fidget?

Drake: Um, what do you mean?

Rob: You know, like play with your pencils and supplies and stuff while the teacher is talking

Drake: Uh not really

Rob: Oh, well if you fidget you can burn calories

Drake: So! You burn calories when your brain is active. If my brain wasn’t so active I’d be really fat.

Rob: That’s not true my brain isn’t very active but I’m not fat

Exhibit B:

I pick up a little girl (almost 3y/o) from her daycare once a week. Up until this week, it’s been dark by the time she gets picked up

as we are getting her belongings to go home

Me: I have a little surprise for you in the car

Julia: (dead serious) Is it a raccoon?

(It was a Hershey kiss, good try kiddo)

as we are walking outside…

Julia: It’s MORNING!! —- freaks out  —

Me: No, no it’s still evening, but it just looks lighter than usual

Julia: But, why is it morning?!

Me: No it’s not morning… I know it’s a little confusing because it isn’t dark. What do you want to have for dinner tonight?

Julia: I want to have bagels for breakfast.

Day 13 – Sign

This picture was actually taken a few weeks ago when I was in Florida with my mom, but I couldn’t resist sharing it for today… it just cracked me up every time we passed by!!

Someone explain what this means? Please?

I’m off to bed…swimming in the a.m! Goodnight


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