Better with Braids

Hi again! How is your week going so far?

Today I had my first experience proctoring a standardized test. The 4th graders took the writing MCAS, which is a Massachusetts state exam. It was their first year to take the writing portion, so everyone was a little nervous. The kiddos are relieved to be done now, and I have to admit I was too, since I had never given a test like this before.

I had a lot of downtime while my student was testing, and I was able to read some interesting information about how the environment is affected by the way we grow and purchase foods. I will post more about this later in the week, but today I wanted to talk about my discovery of BRAIDS while running!

I am sure that many others have had this revelation, and I’m not sure why this took so long to dawn on me, but a braid while running rocks!! Especially since my hair has been getting longer, the standard pony-tail hasn’t been cutting it. Between the wind, headband wearing, and sweat, my hair was always getting super tangled by the end of my runs. Plus, pony-tails of such length can just be annoying if they’re moving around all of the time.

I just brushed my hair into a high pony-tail, put hair tie around it, then braided the pony tail and put another hair tie at the end. It worked great for tonight’s TNT hill workout! My hair stayed in place and the braid really helped it stay neat considering how sweaty I became tonight – SUPER warm in Boston tonight. It also kept me a lot cooler because it was totally off my face/neck!


Day 19 – Funny

I’m not sure when wild turkeys started hanging out right in front of my apartment building, but for some reason I found this hilarious when I was leaving for my run on Saturday morning.

Hey dude

Day 20 – Before/After


I can sleep calmly now, the mess is goneee
(Hopefully you catch where I was going with this tune?)

Yeah, I really needed to clean my room…enough said.



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