It’s Backkkkk

I think I have patellar tendonitis in my knee again 😦 boo!!

Like I mentioned, I felt some pain in my knee on Saturday. Since then, I’ve foam rolled and stretched a few times, in addition to using an ice pack. Tonight I went to the gym because I wanted to do some leg strength training. This is especially important now, because it is likely that weak muscles surrounding my knee play a role in the tendonitis I’m dealing with. Anyway, my plan was to warm up on the treadmill for about 10 minutes to see how my knee felt and determine if I wanted to go to tonight’s hill workout. It felt absolutely fine, so it was a go!

However, once I got there, things started go downhill (literally). We did the hill 1/2way, back down, 4x full, and another 1/2 (the hill is about .25mi long all the way up). My knee felt fine until about the 3rd hill, going down. It pretty much only bothered me going downhill, which is not surprising because running downhill puts a lot more stress on your knees – it is much easier to get injured from running downhill.

really don’t want this pain to persist, so here’s my plan to nip this thing in the bud!

  • Take a few days off from running. I would still like to do the group long run on Saturday, but I’m going to take it easy and see how I feel
  • Continue foam rolling/stretching and icing
  • Take ibuprofen regularly. I was told to do this multiple times when I first had tendonitis, but I hate taking medication, so I didn’t. This time, I’m going to listen!
  • Go to the chiropractor. He has used the Graston technique on me before, and it has worked wonders! I’m trying to be really careful about going though, because insurance is a B and will only cover 10/appts per year, and it’s pretty expensive out-of-pocket.

I’m also curious if maybe I’m not in the right shoes. I’ve been fitted at a running store, and recently bought a new pair (same as I’ve had previously) but I’m curious if maybe I wasn’t fitted properly? I may investigate this in the next week or two if the problem doesn’t resolve itself before then (fingers crossed!).

Hope you’re all having a great week!

Photo a Day Challenge

Day 26: Key

Love secret pockets for Keys! Thanks Lululemon.

Day 27: Your Name

Obvs need to see the front of the card. I love cats


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