Knee Update and End of March Photo a Day

Hello again! How is your weekend going so far? I feel like I’ve done nothing, but it’s already half over!

Here’s a recap of the rest of my week:


Not a lot to report…I went for a short swim in the morning, and did some strength training later in the day. One highlight was buying this new garlic press when I went into Bed, Bath & Beyond to get some more k-cups. I broke 2 garlic presses within a month (it’s obviously because of my GUNS – not), and I had been holding out on buying a new one. I am happy to report that I used it on Thursday and I think it’s impossible to break! 😉

Nothing compares to fresh garlic


Spin class at my gym. It was okay, but definitely not my favorite. The instructor had a very unpleasant shout and used it wayyy too often.

I was really excited to cook somethin’ up this evening! I had been wanting to make some veggie burgers for a while now, and came across this recipe recently. It was definitely a winner.

The only changes I made were adding some extra flour & oats at the end of the mixing process because the mixture was super runny. Next time I will probably just add less egg whites.

Crispy on the top!

This made a LOT (9) of veggie burgers, but I am actually happy about it because I froze a few to have on hand for fast dinners/lunches.

One interesting side note: I had to use 2 different baking sheets, and I sprayed one with olive oil and the other with canola. I was amazed at how much better the canola burgers stayed together… Not really sure why?

I ate one immediately on top of a salad! Sooo good, great combo of flavors.

Romaine w/ veg burger, hummus, carrots, tomato, & roasted brussel sprouts...later drizzled with ketchup


I went for another swim, which was awesome! I finally bought a new swim suit that I wore..the old one was super stretched out and probably really see-through. Oops. The new suit felt so much better! I didn’t realize how much drag the old one was creating.

I also babysat for some cuties that I hadn’t seen in a longggg time, and they were just as much fun as usual! One of the kiddos had this really cool circuit kit for kids that we played with for a while.


I have still been feeling a bit of pain in my knee…kind of just a dull ache. I talked with my coach and she advised me to rest it up because at this point in the training, I won’t lose much from missing one run. I was bummed, but I’d definitely rather have it get better than push it and have it become worse.

I still went to the group TNT practice, but just hung out inside our meeting place until everyone came back. We had a make-shift brunch set up for after the run, and we also had a special project to work on!

I haven’t talked about it on here before, but our group has adopted a special guy as our “team hero”. His name is Justin and he is a 16-year-old who has in the hospital receiving treatment for Leukemia. One of our teammates started a page for him, which you can see here. We are trying to visit him regularly as a group, and although I have not been able to go to any of the visits yet, I am looking forward to doing so soon!

Back to today, after the run everyone made posters to decorate his room! It was great to see everyone so involved…he is going to have one stylin’ room!

That’s all I’ve got for today folks, I’m off to get ready to meet up with my roommate for some shenanigans downtown! Have a great rest of your weekend!

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6 thoughts on “Knee Update and End of March Photo a Day

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the burgers! They’re my favorite on top of salads. Very interesting that the canola oil burgers stayed together more than the olive oil. I’ll have to try that out next time!

    That’s amazing that you all decorated poster’s for Justin’s room. I’m certain that made him feel very special. 🙂

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