(Mostly) Great, (Some) Not-so-Great

This post may have a mixed up format, but it’s been a mixed up kind of day!

Here’s my day, beginning to end

Great: Swimming this morning! Morning workouts > nighttime work outs

Not so GreatShould have gone to bed earlier… *Goal for tonight!*

Great: smoothie this morning. winner, winner

Not so Great: the student I work with had a really rough day…he got pretty upset misperceiving some social situations, and it’s obviously hard to see him so upset…I wish I could just jump into his brain to help him understand things more clearly!!

Greata new student I started working with some afternoons (1st grader) made me laugh out loud a few times. He was building a “Tracking Machine” with some Legos…at first he told me the password to make it work was “103“, but decided that was too easy, so then it became “infinitypercent” so “they” wouldn’t understand… no idea who “they” is…but he thought it was a very clever password, which was important because it was supposed to be TOP SECRET, but he then proceeded to share it with everyone

Great: a very special Easter basket I received in the mail! Very unexpected. Will blog more about it on Easter 🙂 

Great: finally using the massage gift card I got for Valentine’s day! AWESOME

Great: YOGA. I haven’t been in SO long. Finally able to go to the only class I’ve tried AND liked at my gym so far again

Massage AND Yoga = Feeling Like a Million $

Not so Great: thinking about summer/future plans…stressssssed out 

Great: booked a trip home to go see DMB in May!! So excited!! 

Not so Great: lots of tornadoes close to home 😦 fortunately, no one I know has been affected (to my knowledege) 

Great: today is the birthday of two of my aunts, and one of my cousins! so funny they’re all on the same day

Great: I successfully deodorized my slow-cooker! The past couple of times I’ve used it stuff has come out tasting a little off…it finally occurred to me that maybe I needed a heavy-duty cleaning! I soaked it in warm water and baking soda, which apparently worked great…

Good as New!

Great: I found out that the baking soda trick worked because I made this African Peanut Stew in it. I actually made it once about a year ago, but I thought it was really spicy. I keep seeing people link back to it and rave, so I thought I’d give it another try. Glad I did! Yum. I also love that it’s SUPER SIMPLE to put together 

Great: think my knee is better? I don’t feel any pain/achiness anymore, unless I really press into the area below my kneecap. 

Overall, it looks like there are more greats than not-so-greats, so I would call that a success!! 

Any greats/not-so-greats you’d like to share?


2 thoughts on “(Mostly) Great, (Some) Not-so-Great

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