Easter Weekend 2012

Hellooooo! Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend! I definitely did, except now I am at home, sick. Boo.


I had the day off, so I went to visit my cousins for a couple of hours. We went to lunch at a really  cute place called Blue Moon Bagel Cafe. I drove by this everyday to/from work last summer, but never went in…wish I had! After lunch, we took a walk around a big park. 

Aren't they adorbs?

Then, I went to tutor one of the kids I babysit for. I have never really done any tutoring before, but it went really well!

On my way back, I stopped by the gym and went on the elliptical for a bit, followed by a few strength exercises.


Even though my knee had started to bother me a bit again the past couple of days, I was determined to at least try running with my TNT group. I woke up early, ate a quick breakfast, and was on my way. This week our clinic was on injury prevention (a little late for me…)

We had 90 minutes on the agenda today, and it was PERFECT running weather! Sunny, cool, and very little wind. I wore a cho-pat strap on my knee, but I’m not sure it helped. I felt a tiny bit of pain for the whole run, but the last 10 minutes were not good. 

Immediately after the run, I did some stretching and used the stick roller. I also talked with my coaches about seeing a physical therapist who has helped a lot of TNT members in the past. Then, I hurried home so that I could take another ice bath. I drank a hot cup of almond milk + protein powder while in the tub, and that definitely helped!
After my body warmed itself up, I took a quick shower and headed back out to meet a friend of mine whom I work with at camp for coffee. We live so close by, but do not see each other nearly enough!
Then, I came back and took a nap. I think it was around this point that I started to realize I wasn’t feeling great, again. Like I mentioned the other day, I was feeling kind of crappy but thought that I nipped it in the bud by taking some echinacea. Well, something was clearly lingering and it started to come back. After napping, I packed up and headed over to my aunt’s house to hang out with her, my uncle, and two cousins.
All I really wanted to do was sit around on the couch at that point, which is exactly what we did, after hitting up the grocery store for some recipe ingredients and a can of soup for dinner. My aunt also got me hooked on the show “Missing” – I watched the first 1.5 episodes (before crashing) and want to catch up on the rest before the next one airs on Thursday!
Voice totally gone, countless tissues used. Feeling disgusting. I took my time getting up, and eventually did some prep-work for this recipe for chocolate peanut butter eggs .

The filling

Then, I ate a leisurely breakfast (oatmeal) before finishing up on the recipe.

Creamy goodness

Dipping process

Finished product! (With sprinkles, of course)

Once the eggs were ready, I forced myself to put on something a bit more presentable before my grandparents joined us. That was followed by some more sitting around chatting (or trying to ) with them, and watching the Red Sox game. 
About an hour before we planned to eat, I got started on making this risotto from Daily Garnish. Since the rest of my family are all meat-eaters/ not quite so obsessed with healthy food, my aunt offered to let me make something she knew I’d enjoy eating. I had made the recipe once before and loved how it turned out. Plus, I thought the lemon and asparagus in the recipe were very spring-ish!
It turned out great once again, and my family who tried it seemed to enjoy it. The only downside was that I doubled the recipe for the 7 of us, but with all of the other food we had, it ended up being way too much. Oh, well…more for leftovers!
After dinner we continued watching the Red Sox game, and I headed home towards the end.
I went to bed thinking I’d see how I felt in the morning for work, but I could pretty much tell it was going to be a no-go. I woke up several times to blow my nose and felt terrible each time. When my alarm went off, I made the necessary contacts to tell work I was sick, then fitfully went back to sleep for a couple of hours.
This morning, I woke up craving pancakes. I almost never make them, and my appetite has been funky the past couple of days due to being sick, but I went with it! I used this recipe, which I have been meaning to try for a while. It was a success…these hit the spot!

Topped with PB, Maple syrup for dipping!

Now, I am thinking I might head to a minute-clinic to see what’s up, even though I don’t really want to have to take any anti-biotics. I haven’t been sick in well over a year, but that doesn’t make this any less fun!
 I also have my physical therapy evaluation this afternoon – I will let you know how it goes!!
Have a nice Monday!

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