Spinner, Winner (+ Easter Treats!)

Hi Friends!

Hope you all are swell. I am happy to report that I am feeling MUCH better today.

Knee Stuff

Like I mentioned yesterday, I had my first physical therapy appointment. I really liked the therapist; she was very thorough, and knowledgable about running/marathon training. She thinks a large part of the reason I am having patellar tendonitis is because my IT band is outrageously tight. She also said that my gluteus medius muscle is weak, which may also be contributing to the problem.

The therapist gave me a few exercises and stretches to do on my own (along with icing 1x+/day, and I am planning to go to the center 1-2x/week. She said to stick with cross training for the week, but I should be okay to at least try a long run on Saturday.


It was an uneventful day at school, other than the kiddos dressing up. This week is Spirit Week, so each day they get to wear something different. Today was Crazy Day, which was pretty much a free-for-all. I saw kids in suits, halloween costumes, mis-matched, etc. I didn’t participated because I totally forgot since I was out on Monday. Tomorrow is Hat Day, so hopefully I can dig something up. 

My excitement for the day was finding a mouse in one of our mouse-traps. I may have freaked out a little lot. Luckily, my roommate was there to dispose of the creature. I don’t know what I would have done on my own. We’ve been trying to catch this guy for a couple of months now (hopefully he was the only one?), but it’s actually kind of funny that it happened today. Last night, I had a dream that there were animals all over our apartment (think bunnies hopping) and we had no idea how to get rid of them.

Tonight I decided to go to a spin class. It was great! Unlike last time I went, I really liked the instructor. I especially liked what she did with tonight’s class. The songs were all Red Sox player songs, in honor of opening day. Fun!

Easter Treats 

I meant to post this on Sunday, but being sick got in the way a bit.

I wanted to show you the awesome Easter basket my dad, step-mom, and step-sister sweetly sent to me! I mentioned receiving it in this post  , but had the will-power to wait until the holiday itself to open it 😉

Thanks again, guys! The basket was ordered from Well Basket. I had never heard of the company before, but it seems like a great one! From their website:

Well Baskets offers unique healthy gift baskets for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. Dietary restrictions/allergies are never a problem, and our signature line of illness-specific get well gift baskets will have them feeling better in no time.

I also received a few fun things from my aunt and her family and my grandparents on Sunday…

  • Spring-y scarf
  • Salad container w/fork, knife, and separate dressing container (will be perfect for work!)
  • Fun VEGAN candy bars!!! (+ one more unpictured) … I had to try one right away 😉 Delish!

What is your favorite Easter candy?


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