I made it! And a Semi-Recipe

Hi friends! Welcome back from the weekend. I hope it was great, mine sure was!

One of the great things was my run this weekend! I don’t know how I managed to pull it off, but I actually made it through the whole 160 minute run on Saturday. I was completely anticipating pain-city and having to stop. My coach gave me the go-ahead to run as long as I didn’t have any sharp pains; discomfort was okay to run through. Remarkably, it stayed at that!

To set myself up for success, I wore compression sleeves, ran super slow, and stopped at all of the water stops (and stretched at several). The most important thing was that I made it. Almost 16 miles – my longest EVER! I kind of looked at this run as a deciding factor as to whether or not I’ll be able to complete the marathon in a few more weeks. I’m happy to say that after running this, it seems much more realistic 🙂

I made sure to stretch and ice a lot afterwards, along with wearing my compression socks during my post-run nap. Those things work wonders.

Later that night, my friends and I celebrated my birthday! It’s actually not until Friday, but we all have busy schedules next weekend, so we did it a little early.

They were super sweet and brought a cake before our festivities out on the town

Candles blown out!

Such a fun time! I feel so lucky to have such great friends 🙂 

On Sunday, I got my hair cut. It was MUCH needed. I think the last time it was cut was summer maybe…? Oops!  My dad’s cousin’s sister-in-law ( there is probably an easier way to describe that relationship?) cuts hair, so I had fun chatting with her while she snipped away. (P.S. She also has a blog and bakes some very tasty/creative things…check it out here!)

Healthy again!

Now onto the semi-recipe to share with you. I say semi because it’s something I’ve made before, but I just discovered how I like to eat it best.

Quinoa Fried “Rice” (w/optional Peanut Flour Sauce)

Prep time: 2 Min
Cook time: 10 min


  • 1 Cup frozen asian veggie blend (or whatever frozen veggies you feel like)
  • 1 cup cooked quinoa
  • 1 egg + 1 egg white

Peanut Flour Sauce (Optional)

  • 2 tbsp PB powder
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1.5 tbsp warm water
  • .5 tbsp rice vinegar
  • shake of garlic powder & ginger powder (optional)


1. Spray a medium size pan with cooking spray. Heat medium-high, add veggies when hot.

2. When veggies are tender/warm, add quinoa and heat through. Turn heat to medium-low.

3. Using a spatula, push veggies and quinoa to the side. Crack egg + egg white into pan. When they begin to cook, add a splash of water and stir. Continue to stir until eggs are cooked and everything is well combined.

Sauce: Mix all ingredients. Stir into pan, or leave to drizzle on top.

My epitome today was that I actually like this without the sauce stirred in. Maybe this is kind of weird, but I like things plain sometimes. I drizzled the sauce on some of it, but the rest I ate plain with just some salt & pepper on top. Delicious both ways!

I’ll leave you with one kid quote:

babysitting 3 y/o girl, she playing with her named “Tigah”

Girl: Tigah used to be a baby, and I used to be a baby
Me: Yep, everyone used to be a baby. Do you know how old Tigah is now?
Girl: Ummmm…he’s 5….16ths!
Me: 5/16ths?
Girl: Yep!  



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