Life Lately

Hi friends! 

Hope you all had a wonderful week! 

I haven’t had anything too eventful going on, but I do have a few updates on the knee situation along with some recipes I’ve neglected to post about! 

Running/Knee, Lately

The knee itself seems to be doing better. I’ve still been going to physical therapy twice a week, and the other day my therapist said my IT band was really knotted up. She worked on it a lot, which was painful, but probably necessary. Bruising occurred. 


The past few times I’ve run I’ve been feeling a LOT of tightness in my left hip flexor. Like, it hurts the next day too. I’m a bit worried about how it will do tomorrow for our 20 miler (!) so I’m taking it easy tonight and stretching a LOT. Tomorrow’s run is our longest before the marathon, which is only about 3 weeks away! AHH!!

Food, Lately

Last week, I made this recipe for Quinoa Falafel. I didn’t make the sauce, and swapped the sesame seeds for chia seeds (didn’t have sesame). The flavor was great, however they didn’t really hold together very well. I think next time I’d probably bake them in the oven for a while after searing them on the stove.




Last week, I also made White Bean Basil Pasta that I’d bookmarked a while ago from Clean Eating Chelsey

It was good, except I had a total goof up with the ingredients. I opted to buy store-bought Sun-dried Tomatoes, which would have probably tasted fine, had they not been Smoked Sun-dried Tomatoes. Definitely changed the flavor for the whole dish. However, I do loooove me some fresh basil, so I will definitely try this again with the proper tomatoes!
Finally, the other day I made some Breaded Baked Tofu. I have baked tofu several times before, though I have never attempted a breadcrumb coating. You can find the recipe I generally followed  here. My only change was to make my own breadcrumbs by toasting two pieces of gluten-free brown rice bread and then throwing them in the food processor.

I’m not sure why, but the breadcrumb mixture did not stick well at all. Also, this probably sounds weird, but the breadcrumb mixture alone tasted wonderful! I kind of wanted to eat straight-up it with a spoon.

Dippin & flippin

Last night, I had this with a side of sweet potato fries. 

Tonight, I had it with a Mexican-style salad. 

Salad topped w/ tofu, red bell pepper, avocado, and quinoa w/spices

I love making things (like this tofu) that are versatile – a simple change and it’s like a whole new meal! Definitely keeps things from getting too repetitive 😉

Welp, I’m finally off to bed…way too late of course… I definitely foresee a post-run nap tomorrow  😉



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