Things I’m Loving Lately #2…w/recipes!

Hi everyone! Hope you had a fantastic Fourth of July!

I had a pretty nice day, although I wasn’t feeling well the past few days and of course Wednesday was the day my voice was totally gone. Oh, well! I’m planning to make up for it with the fun things I have planned for this weekend. 🙂 

I thought think we are long over-due for another Loving Lately post. Let’s get right into it!

1. Iced coffee. Both of the homemade and Starbucks variety

2. On the same note, Starbucks Gift Cards. I’m lucky to have quite a few at the moment thanks to some generous students (end of the year gifts)

3.  Riding my Bike

4.  Watermelon

5.  Homemade Quinoa Chocolate Chip Protein Bars. Made using this recipe (w/ chickpea flour and vegan rice protein). I stored some in the fridge and have been enjoying having them as a snack.

6. These Veggie Burgers. Again. 

7. New Salad Spinner! I bought a salad spinner at the recommendation of the girl who sold me a head of lettuce at the farmer’s market. Why did I not have one before?! Fresh, crisp lettuce for days without the hassel of washing it each time. Duh!

8. Big pans of Roasted Veggies. I love roasted vegetables and am loving making huge pans of them to use throughout the weeks in wraps or on salads.

Just olive oil, salt, pepper, (and maybe another spice or two) roasted at 375 until tender. Turn once after about 15 minutes. Enjoy!

9. And last but not least, Warm Hot Weather and Summer CampMy camp started on Monday and so far I am loving my new group of kiddos and co-workers. Good times!

Plans for this weekend include relaxing the rest of the evening, Farmer’s Market trip, Magic Mike matinee, and Country Night tomorrow, and a Cape visit Sunday!

Have a great one, friends!


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