Surprise, Surprise!


While I’ve missed writing, I feel like I just haven’t had the time these past few months. I do really enjoy writing though, so I’ve decided to reprioritize to make it a more frequent activity in my life.

Since it’s been so long, I’ve updated all of my pages (About, My Story, Recipes, and Running/Races)

Before I fell of the face of the blog world, I was getting ready to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Providence Half Marathon. I was feeling very apprehensive about this race because I was coming off a knee injury (patellar tendonitis) and hadn’t done much distance since taking a break after my marathon in June.

However, I am happy to report that the race went REALLY well! I finished in 1:55:05 and felt pretty decent the whole time. I am convinced that the credit for this goes to 2 things.

  1. These shoes. SO glad I switched.
  2. I have really changed my running form these last few months by focusing on running on my toes. Hugely helpful indeed!

Continuing on the running front, I also ran the Bay State Half-Marathon in October and PR’ed! My final time was 1:48:49. I am really happy I decided to run this at the last minute. I had some friends who were running as well, which made it really fun. The course was super flat, and much appreciated by my legs.

I also ran my first 10k a few weeks ago with a friend. It was Halloween themed, and while many people were in costumes, we chose to keep it simple and rock the knee-high Halloween socks (aka we didn’t have costumes). I have no idea how people were running in some of the costumes that they were… one guy was in a suit with a horse attached to it?!

Anyway, the 10k might become a new favorite distance for me. My final time was 49:46 and I’d love to start doing some speed work to see how fast I could get. I do still have strong feelings for the half marathon as a distance, though.

My running page  has been updated with a few future races I have on my mind…but I am still in the thought process regarding next year’s schedule!

In other life news…

In September, I started working at a different school. This year I am at a middle school working as a behavior therapist for a program for children with Asperger’s. Basically, I go to the students’ academic classes with them, help them with organization and stressful situations, and teach social skills in 1:1/small group settings. I’m enjoying it a lot so far. The group of people I work with is AWESOME, the program is one of the best in the area, aaaand I can’t say enough good things about the school in general – I wish I had gone to a middle school like it! I will reflect/elaborate more about this on a future post…

I also started an internship at Children’s Hospital Boston. It’s at the Lab of Cognitive Neuroscience and I am LOVING it. It’s very part time (5hrs/week) but it’s great experience and it’s definitely a good way to get my foot in the door. I am getting to do a lot of data analysis/review on my own, and observing some studies when I can.

Even though these two things are going great, I’m feeling pretty stuck about my career plan in general. I am so more than ready to be back in school, but I’m still having a tough time figuring out exactly what I want to do with my life. I am loving the research aspect of my internship, but I also really enjoy working with children in a more direct way. I also have some interest in the field of nutrition, but I literally know nothing about that field as far as careers go. I feel like everything sounds so interesting. Clinical psychology, school psychology, nutrition etc., etc….what to do?!?

Another aspect that’s really tearing me apart is whether or not I want to stay in the Boston area for school or go back to Texas. I have so many pros/cons for both locations. So basically, I haven’t narrowed it down at all and I’m mega-stressing about it. I did get a GRE book, as I would like to take the test in the next few months, so I guess that’s a small step in the right direction.

Ok, well I think this post has been more than sufficient for catching up, so I think I am done for now….be back soon 🙂


5 thoughts on “Surprise, Surprise!

  1. Oh wow, you have a lot going on! Congrats on your races and getting faster! I understand the career confusion, I had a lot of that when I was first out of school, and then after staying home with my daughter, have started going through it all over again. 🙂 Take your time deciding… you can go back to school anytime!

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