My Story

The name “Bug on the Run” was inspired by my childhood nickname, “Bug”. I got the nickname because of my huge bug eyes, and tendency to crawl like a bug…whatever that means. The nickname stuck… 23 years later, and I am still referred to as an insect by my family.


Anyway,  a little background on my life: for the first few years, I lived in New Jersey though my parents adopted me from east Texas when I was born. Ironically, we moved to the Dallas area for my dad’s job. I grew up there until I went off to college, and it is still the place I call home.

Initially, I started school at Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX. I really didn’t know what I wanted in a college when I first began my search, and it turned out SU wasn’t it. I had thought about going to Providence College (in Rhode Island), which is where my parents went and met, but chickened out because it was so far. After having a less than stellar first year at SU, I decided to take the plunge and transfer to PC. It turned out to be a GREAT decision! It was a fantastic school, I met many of my now closest friends, and I was able to see my extended family on a regular basis.

I graduated from PC in May 2011…

…and I am currently living in Boston with my awesome roommate who just happens to be one of my BFFs! Although I certainly miss my parents, I see myself as more of an east-coast girl, and really love this area. You also can’t beat living in an area where you can drive a few hours to ski in the winter, or go to the beach in the summer!

Roomies being Twins

I really enjoy being active and eating healthfully, so you will probably see a lot about those aspects of my life on this blog. However, I was not always passionate about my health. Growing up, I was a pretty picky eater…and I definitely didn’t care about the nutritional value of my plain pasta with butter or bags of Ruffles. In terms of physical activity, I tried playing pretty much every sport available to a kid. It was mostly recreational/social, which is a good thing because I. Was. Terrible. At all of them. I don’t have the coordination to physically play a sport while simultaneously think about things like which direction I should be kicking the ball. Swimming was the only sport I was decent at (AKA the only one I did that didn’t require attentiveness and quick thinking), but I didn’t really apply myself that much. Looking back, I wonder if I could have been a better swimmer in high school, had I had the healthier lifestyle I have now.

Anyway… like I mentioned before, I was not happy at the first college I attended. I tried to make the best of it by finding new hobbies, which is how running and healthy eating found their way into my life. I probably got a bit too carried away with these things that year, because at the time they were the only things that were making me happy while I was there, but over the past couple of years I have been (slowly) finding a better balance in my life. I have also been a vegetarian for about two years, and in that time I have come to love the process of cooking my own food. I enjoy browsing and re-creating interesting recipes that I see featured on various blogs. As far as running goes, I am still loving it and am looking forward to my first full marathon this June!

In terms of career…well, it’s a touchy subject. I know many people in my graduating class are in the same boat – no one ‘knows’ what they want to do yet, or even worse, they can’t get a job due to the shortages in so many fields. I feel very lucky that I am in the former group. I currently work as a behavior therapist in a middle school for a program for children with Asperger’s. I have worked a lot with children on the Autism spectrum, and really enjoy it. I am also currently interning at Children’s Hospital in the Lab of Cognitive Neuroscience, which I LOVE.

However, I have no idea what I want to do in the long run. My degree is in psychology, and I really enjoy working with children on a direct basis, but I am also interested in the fields of research and nutrition. I would definitely like to pursue graduate school within the next year or two, once I figure out the right field for me.

Volunteer Trip to Dominican Republic Orphanage

P.S: Part of the reason I started this blog was to meet some more people in the area with similar interests – so if you are a fellow Bostonite, give me a shout! 🙂


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